East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Historical mystery set in the Boxers’ China

41J+Xo0NhLL._SY346_Here’s something you might be interested in.
I’m working on the translation of a very short mystery story by my friend Shanmei – that writes Oriental fantasies and mystery stories set in China.
The story, that in Italian is called Un Gioco di Pazienza1 is set in the aftermath of the Boxers’ Rebellion, and centres around an Italian army officer serving in China.
The story is the first one in an ongoing series.

The fun bit is, Shanmei2 based the main character in her story about her grand-grandfather, who actually served in China after the Boxers’ Rebellion – and she was able to tap into the old man’s correspondence and papers for the documentation.
So this is a proper historical mystery, with all the whistles and bells.

This is going to be a sweet and fast job, and quite fun – after all, I set my Cynical Little Angels around the Italian compound in China, some thirty-five years after the event of Shanmei’s story, so it will be a little like coming back home.

I’ll let you know when the ebook is available with a post here on my blog.
Stay tuned!

  1. that in English translates as “A Puzzle”, that sucks a bit as a title – I’ll have to come up with something better. 
  2. no, ok, that’s not her real name.