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To Be like Buzz

A quick short post because… because.
I was reading an account of Buzz Aldrin’s latest adventure, his attempt at reaching the South Pole, and related medical consequences.


You can find the piece here.

And a funny thing came up as I was discussing it with some friends.
Because you see, I grew up in the ’70s, with adventure books, National Geographic, and documentaries about Thor Heyerdahl, Jacques Cousteau and, yes, Buzz Aldrin.
I belong to the space age generation (for a very thin margin – I was born in ’67), and when I was a kid in school, I basically wanted to grow up and be like Buzz Aldrin.


Now, I’ll be 50 in six months, and the weird bit is, I still want to grow up and be Buzz Aldrin.
Which to me is a sure sign I have chosen the right role model all those years ago.
Because he still is a role model.
Something I cannot say about, for instance, Zorro, or Tarzan.