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Conan, Temple of the Black One

51N8uOWY4hL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_According to the author’s introduction, Conan, Temple of the Black One began its life as an outline Robert M. Price sent to Lyon Sprague De Camp, for a hypothetical Conan apocryphal novel to be published by Tor.
When the Conan novel line fizzed, what with Sprague De Camp’s death and all the rest, the outline was left in limbo, and finally Price decided to flesh it out and turn it into a short story, that was finally made available a few weeks back “as fan fiction”.
And I got a copy.

Well, because Conan.
And because Howard.
And because Robert M. Price, a man responsible of some of the best anthologies of supernatural horror I have here on my shelf.
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