East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


Two hundred five thousand and five hundred and thirty

The morning started nicely, with the news that a pitch I mailed 36 hours ago, for a 10.000-words story set on the Mongolian border has been accepted, and the editor would like to see a full treatment before they give the go ahead. This is a great opportunity to work on a very high-profile project, and also, it’s a fun story I am planning to write, so there.

As I was updating my files (I keep a spreadsheet record of all the stories and the pitches I mail out), I decided to make a quick check, and calculated how many words I mailed out in total in 2019.


This is of course not counting the stories I published for my patrons, those I self-published under my name or other aliases, my contract work for the historical magazine Savej and other non-fiction sales, and my ghost-writing work. I do not have a precise count of all that, but a quick ballpark figure places my total output in 2019 into the 450.000 words total.

Not bad.
Not bad at all.