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Field trip to Milan

22096233_10155822851451584_40365599892889573_oTomorrow I’ll spend the day in Milan, attending Stranimondi, a convention dedicated to science fiction, fantasy and horror books.
Acheron, my publisher will present both Dark Italy and Zappa & Spada two anthologies that include a story of mine each.
It will be a good opportunity to see old friends, and take a look at “the scene”. We’ll have wine and cookies, so it will not be a completely wasted day.

I had proposed to bring along my netbook and hammer out a short story during the day, to give it as a gift to anyone subscribing to Acheron’s mailing list.
Good publicity stunt, I thought, but I was told there is no power outlet available to fuel a netbook for a whole day, so thank you but no thank you.
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