East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Fairy tales and mud

Yesterday I chanced upon the ad copy for a new game. It came and went in a flash, so I actually do not know if it was a pen and paper RPG, or a computer game or a card game or what. What I know is that the copy promised a historical fantasy game that will help us live in the fairy-tale world of the Middle Ages.

And I was just … NO.

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Templars – a quick fix

PrintAs I think I mentioned elsewhere, part of the fun of writing historical and psaeudo-historical fiction is, you get to read a lot of great books and file the experience under “research“.

And indeed, I’ve collected a huge library of books through the years, because of research.
Visitors to my house normally get the “I can’t see what this book may have to do with your work!” vibe quite fast.

Currently I’m trying to get some background and texture for a new project, and this means I can fully enjoy Graeme Davis‘ excellent Knights Templar, A Secret History, and pretend it’s hard work and not just great fun.
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