East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


A bag marked swag

I’m just out of a day in which I wrote about 15.000 words, so I’m a bit intoxicated by the fatigue and all that, and I’ll be rambling. You’ve been warned.
And I’ll start this with a song, a song I already posted in the past (I’m pretty sure about it), but believe, it’s on topic, and you should listen to it before you go on.

It’s good, isn’t it?
I love this song, and I was absolutely surprised and delighted when a while back I caught an interview of Paddy McAloon, the author and singer (and the guy that plays all instruments on this track), and he was saying that this song is not about jewel heists, but actually about writing.
And I thought, damn, yes!1
And not just because I’d love to be the Cary Grant of imaginative fiction, but because it’s right. Continue reading