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The Ministry of Thunder OST

The Ministry of ThunderI mentioned in the past that – despite what Raymond Chandler said about people working with the radio on – I use a lot of music as background when I’m writing.
This means that my stories have a sort of soundtrack.

Yesterday, thanks to my brother, I discovered I can share my soundtracks pretty easily – using a free service called Kaseta.co.

So, here goes – the official soundtrack for my novel The Ministry of Thunder, courtesy of the fine guys of Kaseta. A selection of the tracks that were playing in background as I wrote and revised, and some songs that I associate with characters and situations.

As usual, WordPress won’t allow me to embed the cassette (curses!) – so I’ll just give you a link here (you can also click on the cassette here).

Screenshot from 2014-12-20 15:58:54

It’s my novel re-imagined as a movie, and the soundtrack features modern and old-time jazz, some world music, and like the soundtracks of those action movies I used to watch as a kid in the 80s, there’s a great song on the end titles.

Below the jump, you’ll find the scene/track list.

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