East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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I’ll remember April

I took a look at the statistics and noticed that not only Karavansara is lagging, but this actually happens every spring.
And I can suggest a reason.
As every spring so far, I’m feeling lethargic and tired, and I’m writing an awful lot.


The lethargic and tired thing is seasonal, and will probably drag for a few weeks more – until, with temperatures hitting +25°C, I will become uncomfortable and tired, and will probably start sleeping by day and working by night.

As for the writing thing, it is true that spring usually sees the start of a number of new projects, and due to a number of causes, looks like this year I spread myself pretty thin… Continue reading


Le Corsair is on course to publication

RAVEN'S HEAD PRESS LOGOFollowing Michael Hudson’s announcement on his Facebook profile, I am happy to inform all interested parties that Chasing the Mermaid, the first story in the Le Corsair series has been picked up by Raven’s Head Press, and will be out in 2016.

I have talked before of my project for a series of thrilling adventure stories set in the 1950s, in the Mediterranean area.
Well, here goes.
Continue reading