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Guest Post: an Overview of the Italian indie ebook market, pt. 4

Like that guy used to sing, this is the end, and my friend Marina has some final observations about the Italian Indie Ebook Market, and its denizens.

guestpostfeatAnd as two of those denizens, both Marina and I feel very strange about this whole situation. Because we are writers, and writing is what we do.
And seeing the bad state of the market in which we – more or less – live, is a source of pain and of depression.
If it’s so bad why do you keep writing and self publishing?, you might ask.
Because, as Donald Fagen said when he channeled Ray Charles, that’s what I do.

Thank you for reading these posts, and thanks to Marina for writing this chillingly accurate overview.
One last time into the fray, my brave!
Enjoy! Continue reading

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Guest Post: an Overview of the Italian indie ebook market, pt. 1

My friend Marina blogs in Italian and English in her Space of Entropy, and is a fine writer with a number of great self-published books. She is also notorious for her habit of telling things as they are, and not as they should be. An attitude much appreciated by the Devil, if you remember your J.B. Cabell.

guestpostfeatSo when she told me she was writing an overview of the Italian indie book market, I asked her if she was willing to publish the first draft of her work on Karavansara. Marina was so kind she accepted, and here is the first installment of this fine article, that will keep us reading for the whole weekend.

In thanking Marina for her kindness, I think I’ll point out that I have encountered much if not all the horrors she describes.
So here we go – enjoy, please don’t laugh too loud, have pity for our plight and please comment if you feel like. Continue reading