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Rewriting Chapter Twelve

Leonid_Pasternak_001And so the twelfth chapter has to be rewritten.
Oh, well, it’s part of the job.

Fact is, my content editor pointed out a hole – the sort of hole through which a zeppelin might fly.
Basically – chapter twelve: our heroes escape from their cell and wreak havoc in the bad guy‘s (the bad gal’s, actually) base.

Enter the content editor: how comes they are prisoner and the bad gal locks ’em up together?
Implied question: is the bad gal stupid? Continue reading

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A community to back my heroes

I’m doing some work on a forthcoming sourcebook for a roleplaying game.
Savage Worlds being the engine, the rules are not a problem.
As long as I do not re-invent the wheel, I’ve ample margin for trying new stuff.

Now, in most “heroic” stories – no matter if we’re talking fantasy, science fiction, historical, western – one of the key elements is, the hero speaks for a group, for a clan or tribe or culture.
It’s a simple mechanism, it has lots of anthropological implications (the hero as everyman, etc.) but it also has a very good, simple  effect on storytelling: the hero (or heroes) have somebody they care abut, and that cares about them.
Maybe non even in a personal, one-on-one way, but community is important.
Think about the way in which Spiderman is an expression of New York and its people… Continue reading