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An idea for a new series

Ideas are everywhere. Last night I was recording the new episode of my podcast, Paura & Delirio, about the 2001 French movie Brotherhood of the Wolf, by Christophe Gans. And as we were chatting about the two leading ladies on the movie, my friend and partner in crime Lucy enthused about the blade-tipped fan used by Sylvia (Monica Bellucci), and we both lamented the fact that the main character at the end decides to go away with the pretty but rather insipid Marianne (Ăˆmilie Dequenne) instead of accepting the offer to work as a secret agent for the Vatican teamed up with Sylvia.

And I pointed out I’d pay to watch a series of movies – or a good, high budget TV series – based on that concept.
Or, missing that, write it.
No, really, follow me…

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