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And should the Winter never come? What then, uh?

I am not a fan of Game of Thrones, and I did not like the books by Martin when I read them. So sue me.
I still appreciate Martin as a writer (mostly because of Fevre Dream) and I like what he’s trying to do with his books, even if I don’t care for the way he’s doing it. The Wars of the Roses? Really?

But I have watched with mixed emotions the evolution of the Game of Thrones fandom, their reactions at the way the show and the story were developed and all that. Always good watching how a pro does his thing, and how the punters react.

Yesterday I read somewhere that George R.R. Martin explicitly said that the whole “winter is coming” thing in his books was intended a metaphor of climate change. Now … yeah, I know, I told you already, I am an environmental scientist… this sort of intrigued me.

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The best bit of the week

The best bit of the week was certainly being called an “immature 14 years old” by a George R.R. Martin fan who was offended by this screenshot.

Screenshot from 2014-02-06 13:32:22

I wonder if they send hate-messages to Dan Brown too.
But maybe he does not post screenshots of his books on the Italian Amazon best seller list.
Sometimes I wish fans were not so fragile, and would not take themselves so damn seriously.

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