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Working on a new story

I am proud to announce that one of my stories, A Spider with Barbed-Wire Legs, will be part of the rewards for the backers of the Kickstarter for the Dennis Detwiller collection of short stories Tales from Failed Anatomies, to be released by Arc Dream Publishing.

My story was set as a stretch goal for the target of 20.000 dolalrs – a target achieved a few hours ago.

It will be excellent to be part of such a great project, and to see my story released side by side with the works of many authors I respect and admire.

My story is going to be a horror/espionage number, and is set in Paris in the ’50s (but it does include some Orientalist elements).

old Paris

Right now, I’m doing some background research on the time and place, to spice-up my tale.
As usual, I’ll collect a cartload of photo references.
Might as well start a Pinboard on Pinterest… I’d call it “Paris, When it Sizzles“.

In the meantime, there’s still 6 days to go and many interesting rewards to be unlocked by financing the Kickstarter.
Check it out.

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