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Other People’s Pulps: A… for Assassin

I am proud to announce that my translation of Ernesto Gastaldi‘s award-wining thriller, A… for Assassin, published by Raven’s Head, is available for purchase through Amazon.

a for assassin

Originally an award-winning play, Gastaldi’s story was adapted to the screen in 1966, an original giallo that while forgotten by some, still has its small but faithful cult following.


A COME ASSASSINOI had lots of fun translating this unusual, tongue-in-cheek, cruelly amusing work.
The plot is carried most by the witty, crackling dialogue – and short, vivid descriptions hit the reader almost by surprise.
Part old dark house mystery, part family plot, and set in a 1960s England that is a place of fantasy, A… for Assassin plays like a twisted Elizabethan tragedy in which no one is innocent, and hides a nasty sting in its tail.

I really hope that the readers will have as much fun reading A… for Assassin as I had translating it.
It’s not that they don’t make them like this anymore – actually, they never made them like this.
This is a unique tale from a unique author.