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Writing Prompt – You don’t bring me flowers

Today’s prompt is from the cover of famous Italian magazine, La Domenica del Corriere


La Domenica del Corriere was a popular Italian magazine, published between 1899 and 1989.
It is famous for the color illustrations of its cover stories, which are today a much sought-after collector’s item.
This one, from the summer of 1958 is particularly interesting to me: 28 years old Guida Concetta Rinino was walking along a deserted path, on her way to see some relatives, when she was approached by an unknown man.
She refused his advances, and when he insisted, she scared him away by hitting him repeatedly with a bunch of roses.
Weird what could make headline news in those days, what?

And it all happened by Turin‘s Lingotto station – very close to the place where – nine years later – I was born.

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