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Curses and spells

According to my friend Flavio, writers should learn to place curses on their books, to hit people that would not pay the writer, or copy and distribute illegally their work. Some dark, ancient ritual to summon the Copyright Demon, if you will.

Just like me, Flavio makes his living by writing, and not being paid is a major professional risk for writers, especially hereabouts, especially in these strange times of the COVID.

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By the gods! – Cursing in Latin redux

A while back I did a post about cursing in Latin and Ancient Greek.
In my Aculeo & Amunet stories, Latin and Classical Greek swearwords are often used as a replacement for English-language swearwords – it’s fun, it adds a nice period-feel, makes happy the philologists among my readers and allows my characters to talk dirty without actually being dirty.
Because irrumator is a lot better than a##hole.


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