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The long and short of it

The Shortlist for the BSFA Award‘s been published, and I am not in it.
Ah, what a pity.
But this was my first, if marginal, nomination for an international professional award, and it was great as long as it lasted. It means I’m doing something right, sometimes.
For the rest, as the Buddha said, expectations are the root of suffering, and indeed I held no expectations – for this reason I say that not making the Shortlist is a pity, but actually not a disappointment.

On the plus side, the interview I gave one month ago to the local newspaper and apparently was lost or otherwise disappeared and vanished, will now probably resurface. And they’ll get my name right this time.

Back to writing.



I am absolutely speechless (but not really, you know me) at the news that my short story Singularity, published in the magazine Shoreline of Infinity, has made it into the longlist for the BSFA Award for Short Fiction.

The list features some incredible stories by a number of excellent writers, and I am really feeling proud and humbled at the same time. It’s the first time a story of mine gets any kind of recognition, and … oh, well, I could get used to this sort of thing!

Anyway, I do not have a hope in hell considering the colossal stories that are on the list, but I do not care. This is great!

Enough rambling.
Back to editing.