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And then you buy books

Because let’s admit it: you are working on a full-time ghostwriting gig, you’re getting ideas for stories you don’t have the time to write, you keep spotting interesting open calls from high-profile magazines, all of this makes you supremely unhappy, you’re tired as hell… why not go and buy a stack of books you’ll never find the time to read?

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Covers (that sell the books)

Today it was a good day, and it started good yesterday night, when over an excellent (and crazy expensive!) pizza with a friend and a colleague writer, we outlined a shared universe and decided we’ll have a go at it in the next few months.
Then today I did a lot of writing and translating, got a fer bills settled, and got good news for a few projects.

So I decided I deserved a small award, and went browsing on Amazon for something to read. Not that I lack books to read at the moment, but what the heck, ebooks do not have an expiration date, right?

And because I feel like reading science fiction (like a do, normally, in the summer) and because I am, after all, one of those guys that choose their reading matter because of the covers, I saw these, checked out a few reviews, and got them without any further hesitation.
Because sometimes the cover sells you the book, right?


World Book Day Book Haul

So, it’s the World Book Day and you have just posted about the fact that you are having a real hard time because the writing you no longer enjoy the two quiet hours every night to read a book.
So, what do you do?
Well, after all, it being Book Day, you go and buy more books.

Which is exactly what I did, taking advantage of a small but much welcome Amazon gift card.
So here’s the list of what’s now on my Kindle, waiting for the day when I’ll be able to finally read it.

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