East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai



0966b1ee5915ce28f719351792d175f1OK, time for a little personal pet peeve.
I know, you don’t come here to hear me peeving pets or other, but bear with me for a moment.

It all started with yesterday’s writing prompt.
Did you get that?
The photo is here again on the right.
Beautiful photograph by the way.

So, what happened…
The moment I decided i wanted to do some character exercise using photos1, I took the obvious choice.
I went to Pinterest and wrote Portrait in the search window. Continue reading


The politics of dancing

Boris+Vallejo+-+Conan+ouvrant+une+bouteilleAnd so the old story popped up again – the fact that certain genres and certain types of stories have an innate ideological color.
Stuff like, basically, “sword & sorcery is right wing literature1.

I find the notion scary enough when expressed by people that usually do not read the genres they are politically or ideologically tagging. The thing becomes absolutely creepy when it’s writers that say stuff like that.

Is fantasy really intrinsically ‘fascist‘, horror ‘misogynistic’, science fiction ‘libertarian’ (whatever that means), steampunk ‘reactionary’…
Always and no matter what?
Isn’t it a little unlikely? Continue reading