East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Meet Garr the Cunning

unnamedThis post was published three days ago for my Patrons, who got to see it first.
They also got a full preview of the first scene of the forthcoming 12.000-words story I’m writing, and that they will get for free.
It’s good to be a Patron of mine.
Just saying.

I have been working on the 12.000-words “caveman fantasy” story I have promised my patrons as a celebration for reaching the 100-bucks-per-month tier.
As I usually do, I planned this story as a first in a series. I grew up on series and serial fiction, and I like exploring and expanding my characters and my worlds. So there. And once I started, it’s been a highly educative experience.
So, here is a preview AND a look at my process – hoping you are interested.

Let’s start with the learning side. Continue reading


Character Profile – Pat Neil

The Ministry of ThunderIt’s about time I made a post about Pat Neil, the female lead in my novel, The Ministry of Thunder.

A while back I did a post on the other woman, and I’d like to do a short piece about each one of the characters in my book – and Pat is the obvious choice.
Other characters will be discussed in future posts1.

Incidentally – this post will not contain spoilers.
I don’t want to spoil the fun for future readers, you see.

So, off we go,
And as a start, how comes a Chinese girl’s called Pat Neil? Continue reading