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Lessons learned, stories told

So, now is the time for the sort of post that goes things that I have learned writing a short srtory in one day.
My guru tells me this is the sort of post that brings readers like, in cartloads, and so here we go.


The first thing one learns in this kind of exercise is I can still make it!
Which is very good because if we do not boost our enthusiasm ourselves, nobody will.
This time I did it as a game, but the ability to stick to the story and bring it to a (satisfactory? One hopes so) conclusion, is vital.
Deadlines are a thing. Continue reading


Behind the Copper Mask

arlecchino-maskAnd here it goes: a 5000-odd words story, done in one day.
And then revised while dining (late) and converted rather quickly in a variety of formats, without even a cover or anything.
This is practically a glorified first drafts, with all the problems that this entails.
I’m pretty sure no characters changes name between page 3 and page 16, but everything else is possible.
Expect the unexpected.
But what the heck, I made it.

So, check out below for a preview, and the links for the download from Google Drive. Continue reading


Getting ready for the Halloween Mask

OK, so tomorrow is the day.
The 31st of October.
The day in which I said I’ll write a new short story and post it on Karavansara for all my readers to read it.

Let’s see, the story will be based on this exchange between my friend Claire and me…

leather_goat_mask_curled_horns_krampus_devil_by_teonova-d7g89twClaire: The moment we prepared in the not-quite-wings, and I truly raised the Copper Mask before my face for the first time (as opposed to trying it on), with the audience’s buzz dying down with the lights, was pure magic. Suddenly I felt timeless, and manipulative, and cruel – and perfectly safe. I hadn’t truly acted in front of an audience in more than twenty years, but really: nothing could go wrong behind the Copper Mask.

Me: And you know of course there is a story, in this.
A small, nasty little horror piece, about the Mask, and its cruelty…
I’ll send you the first draft.

So the story will be called Behind the Copper Mask. Continue reading