East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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And Raiders is also on Audible

… and what a beautiful job did the people of Tantor Media!

You can listen to the audiobook HERE.

And yes, I know, enough of this talking about my novel.
But it’s OK – in a couple of months a new book will be out and I’ll start talking about that.


William Gibson’s Alien 3

Ridley Scott’s Alien came out when I was a kid and I was not allowed to go and see in the cinema. I caught it a while later, in a drive in while I was by the seaside. As a kid who grew up reading science fiction, Alien was probably bigger, for me, than Star Wars (I had seen a lot of that sort of action in the pulp stories I had been reading – Hamilton and Williamson and Brackett…) and possibly than Blade Runner.

Forty years on (my, I am old), I still love the first movie – a great atmospheric horror – and the sequel, Jim Cameron’s Aliens – the template for military SF. And I have a weak spot for the fourth instalment of the franchise, that to me always was like a lost snippet of that other franchise, Firefly/Serenity.

The third movie, sorry, I hated it. I saw it on a late-night screening with two friends, and found it blah. Too much running around, and they killed off two characters I had loved in Aliens, Bishop and Hicks.

But what if they had not been killed off?

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