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Coding & Writing or, last night as we compared scars…

I was talking about code, last night.
Code as in HTML, BASIC, COBOL, that sort of stuff.
Fact is, an ebook is basically a glorified HTML file – you can code it with an ASCII notebook.
You need the text, and a set of HTML tags.

As it usually happens, old code-monkeys slip in the classic mode of that scene from Jaws, where Brody, Quint and Hooper compare scars.


Stories about static pages coded on the fly, physics simulation on old 5.1/4 floppy disks, ASCII tables and so on. And of course the discussion soon turned to “these kids today” that can do wonders with their big softwares, WYSIWYG graphical interfaces and whatnot, but when the going gets rough, they can’t get their hands on the code.
And my friend Hell (no, it’s not really his name) commented

It’s just like writing.

And you know – he’s right. Continue reading