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Hanging Out with Apep

Selection_913When in need of an evil Egyptian god for fiction, while Set certainly has a worse reputation, most authors go for Anubis. It makes sense: the Jackal God is popular, got a super-cool look, and I can find tons of visual references.
And then, hey, he’s the God of Death, right?
I can quote a lot of resources in that sense, from Roger Zelazny to Johnny Quest by way of Young Sherlock Holmes, Bram Stoker and Valerie Leon.
Fact is, it doesn’t work that way. Anubis, aka Anpu, aka Inpu, sometimes also known as Hermanubis, is the protector of the souls of the dead. He’s not the bad guy, he’s with the good guys! Let that sink in, and then tell me again why fanatics with daggers should serve him.
And really, apart from the philological elements, Anubis as the dark god of Egypt’s been done to death. Which is, I realize, somewhat ironic.

So, when outlining AMARNA, I looked up a few other Usual (Egyptian) Suspects.
And for my money, you want a bad guy in Egyptian myth? Go for Apophis. The Stargate SG1 guys got the snake right.
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Wrong expectations

I was doing a little writing practice1, while my web connection was down, and this came out.

The moment the Jackal-headed guy dropped my heart on one of the plates of the balance, I realized having been a god-fearing member of the Catholic Church for all of my life would not be a guarantee for anything.
“I beg your pardon…” I started, taking a step forward.
The Jackal bared its sharp teeth and let out a low, prolonged growl. I stepped back.
And yet so far the thing had been pretty good – the sensation of floating above my own body, the white light at the end of the tunnel and all that, quite as expected.
And then, this!
And what was he doing now with that white feather?


I don’t know what I’ll make of it, but it could be the starting point of something pretty funny. And the nice thing is, it might fit an open call I saw recently…
I’ll keep you posted – but let’s not harbor any expectation.


  1. that’s what some call free writing… basically, sit there and let the writing flow unchecked.