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Reading on Latin obscenities

51yI5IZ-QxL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_As I crawl towards my fifty-first birthday, friends are starting to hit me with gifts. Books and records, mostly, because they know what I like.
And so here I am with a small booklet that promises to up my game in a very specific field – that of ancient profanities.
Come insultavano gli antichi, that is How the ancients insulted is a small collection of profanities, extracted from Greek and Latin sources, showing a fine (well, maybe fine is not the right word) selection of bad words and obscene phrases.
Saying bad words in Greek and Latin the subtitle reads, and the book does in fact include the original texts for reference.

Time to finish this one, and I think I’ll be ready for another post on the subject – the topic seems to be much appreciated by the readers out there, after all.