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Pitch and proposal


I am working on a full-scale pitch and proposal for a new novel, an attempt at getting a foot in the door with a high-profile publisher, with a target of 75.000 words, possibly as a first in a series (and yes, I’ve got ideas already about where the series might be going).

This is different from what I usually do, and I am putting together

  • blurb
  • synopsis
  • full outline
  • chapters and scene breakout
  • character sketches
  • first draft of the first two chapters
  • cover letter explaining why this is so cool and why am the right guy to write it, and who’s gonna shell out their hard cash to buy it, and love it

Normally I do things a lot more loosely – I normally need just two of those things, say the characters and the outline.

While I am putting together the above package, I am also doing a preliminary research for the bits I might need to look into, and I’m collecting inspiration photos.
Like these…

Which might give you an idea of what I’m trying to write.

More news will follow – and maybe an idea of soundtrack/music reference.
Watch this space.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

6 thoughts on “Pitch and proposal

  1. When you collect your inspirational photos, where do you put them? Your desktop? or do you just have a folder you refer to from time to time?


  2. So what are we talking here, late 50’s early 60’s Lower NY with Satanists in the Village and the Tongs in Chinatown?
    God help me, I’m old enough to remember when lower Manhattan still looked like that. LOL!! Hell, the Minetta Tavern is still there, and the clothes on some of the younger people in those photos as well when the styles from the “beat generation” started to morph into the “hippy/mod” generation.
    Some of it is still there, Buildings wise, but most has undergone modernization.

    Okay enough of this trip down memory lane. Whatever the overall plot line is, good luck with the pitch and the writing.


    • You got it almost perfectly right.
      It’s set in the New York City in which my father lived as a young man , and I’m mining some of his stories for color.
      And thanks for the good wishes.


  3. I’m an old Bastid’ with a good memory LOL!! Those pictures you put up of the stills from Bucket of Blood with Dick Miller (late 50’s) and the Seventh Victim (Noir suspense early 40’s) were the big giveaways. The two street scenes were from the 50’s and early 60’s, as well as the shot of Ginger Rogers and her husband (again, the 60’s). I liked the shot of the “Joe College” type with his girlfriend doing her best take on Sophia Loren/Bridgette Bardot/Gina Lolobrigida sexiness (and doing a pretty good job of it too) while sitting in the fountain area of Washington Square Park in Manhattan.
    Although somebody should have told the two older guys in the background to keep their eyes in their head. Especially the guy on the left who appeared to be talking to his wife!

    Okay, I’m rambling again. Anyway, as I said, good luck and if things go well I look forward to picking the book up when it comes out

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