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As I think I mentioned a while back, one of those “memories” that Facebook serves us daily to make us feel miserable (that’s my explanation of this “feature”) made me aware of the fact that in 2019, by the 15th of August, I had submitted 55 short stories and articles to various magazines and anthologies.
By August the 15th 2020 I had only submitted 33.
That scared me as hell.

It was a sign of the HUGE amount of time I had wasted (so to speak) to follow the ghostwriting job from Hell that, as I mentioned a few days back, ended this September, with me not being paid.
I was also scared because a drop of 40% submissions could be a sign I was losing my ability to write a lot, and write fast – and by doing so, manage to pay the bills.

So I sat down, and started writing.

In the five weeks since August the 15th, I have submitted 26 stories, articles and pitches. Four have been approved, eleven have been rejected, the rest are still in the loop. I have also been asked to submit three more articles to a magazine that’s publishing my stuff, and I might even have found a gig for a friend as I was at it.

I have managed to sell a pitch for a new book I am working on right now, and I have started a novel – just for a lark – and I am right now halfway through my new BUSCAFUSCO novella.

Being stiffed by my client was strange, too – because it felt like a liberation.
Granted, I don’t know how I will pay the mortgage in the next few months, but on the up side I have found again the fun of writing.

In the end, despite all the tragedies, I’m back in shape.
Also, I am beginning to think that slowing down during the lockdown, not following the original plan of publishing publishing publishing to ride the spike in demand for entertainment by the people distancing at home and looking for a good time, was the right choice.
I passed through the lockdown with low productivity but coming back after the stress and the uncertainty was easier.

So, it’s back in the saddle.
Tomorrow I will tell you about one of the projects I am working on.
Just to see if you like the idea…

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

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