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Future online activities


OK, ladies and gentlemen, I need your help.
Let’s say that, barring disasters (that are always possible) in about one month I will have access to a fast, stable internet connection.


Of course after years of exile beyond the Digital Divide I will have a huge celebration, but afterwards it will still be a matter of making ends meet.
And let’s say I’ll be trying to do something that might be

  1. fun to do
  2. interesting for the public
  3. capable of bringing in some money

For instance, in Italian, I will re-launch my courses on Taoism and Zen – only instead of using a blog platform I will be offering them as a mix of online articles and live sessions on Google Hangouts.

So I am wondering, what could I propose to my English-speaking audience?

  • Courses, lectures… about what?
  • KaravanCast live events (if possible)?
  • Pulp-based Italian classes for English speakers?
  • Online roleplaying gaming sessions?
  • A reading group?
  • Some kind of writing workshop?

I am open to suggestions – please use the comments.
And thank you.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

3 thoughts on “Future online activities

  1. I’d say the KaravanCast live events are the idea that interested me more. Maybe, announcing the topic beforehand and getting questions/requests beforehand through Twitter or the likes, could be interesting. It would be a live twist of the “pianobar del fantastico”…
    The roleplaying sessions could be interesting if they could be, dunno, playtest for Hope and Glory or something like that, but I’m probably babbling away, the day’s been long and tiring.
    Finger crossed and keep us posted!

    (if this is the second copy of the same comment, trash it, and know it’s WordPress’ fault!)

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    • I’m seeing what can be done with the KaravanCast Live! idea.
      And yes, I’d like to do online playtesting of my games, or just set up a nice pulp adventure campaign, in the style of the old serials.

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      • That would be nice. When they were putting up their Kickstarter, the team behind Bluebeard’s Bride had a couple of videos that basically were playtesting of the game done with Google Hangouts. It was a nice touch for the Kickstarter.
        Again, I’m probably babbling and rambling along… ^^”


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