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Joe Dever, 1956-2016

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I just got the news of the death of Joe Dever, a legend in the gaming world, passed away this morning at the age of sixty.


A former musician, Dever was the creator of the long and successful Lone Wolf series of choose your own adventure game books, that later evolved into novels, comics and a roleplaying game.
517c7raq9wl-_sy344_bo1204203200_His work is part of the culture and life story of many of us that play or create games.

I still remember the day I went to one of the best bookstores in Turin1, to order the first two Lone Wolf books I wanted to give my brother as gifts. It was, I think, 1986, and I had to explain what a choose your own adventure book was to the nice lady there. She was intrigued and delighted.

He was often a guest at the Lucca Comics and Games convention, and he will be sorely missed2

  1. Libreria Druetto, a wonderful bookstore, that’s been closed these last fifteen years at least, and replaced by a casual apparel chain-store. 
  2. This year is turning into one long funeral wake, and in all honesty I am a little tired of reporting deaths. And yet… 

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