East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

Back in the game?


Two firsts, tonight.
First first, after a long delay and lots of experiments and failed attempts, I’m running my first online gaming session – using Google Hangouts and my shaky connection.

This is very important to me – ever since I moved in this God-forgotten village in the hills of dreary Astigianistan, my regular gaming schedule has been disrupted and, later, canceled.


One can’t drive 80 km to play three hours, and then drive 80 km back once a week.
Apart from the stress and the fatigue – and the short gaming time – the costs in terms of fuel are insane1.

So, will my connection hold and allow me to game online with my friends in Turin?
I really hope so2.

This brought up the second first – what are we gonna play tonight?
All things considered, I wanted something fast, familiar to the players, and – obviously – fun.
My initial choice was for a classic Call of Cthulhu scenario – the team knows the setting, knows the system, no problem in that direction.

Then, as a sign from destiny, Modiphius launched the kickstarter for a new Conan Roleplaying Game.


conan rpg ad

Now, there’s at least half a dozen good Hyborian-friendly games out there… and they are all on my shelf here where I sit.
My system of choice for Conanesque games is still Barbarians of Lemuria.
Beasts & Barbarians, that runs on Savage Worlds, is also a perfect choice.
The D20 Conan was… well, a game that ran on D20, but on the only flavor of D20 I found palatable.
And yet…

My players are familiar with the Hyborian world.
The 2d20 system which powers the new game looks pretty fast and lightweight.
As a backer of the Kickstarter3, I got a quickstart rues booklet with a big, fat, ready-to-play scenario and, what’s more important, seven pre-generated characters.
And so, why not?

Tonight we’ll play the new Conan on Google Hangouts.
Wish me luck.

  1. in Italy, a gallon of gas costs about 7 bucks, believe it or not. 
  2. should the hangouts experiment really work out, it would open dozens of other possibilities, not limited to gaming, of course. 
  3. yes, I’m a sucker like that 

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

3 thoughts on “Back in the game?

  1. Finally we plaied and it was fun, very fun


  2. You can actually get some fantastic value in these deals, specially having fast food eateries.


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