East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Post-colonial fantasy

I am quite enjoying C.L. Clark’s The Unbroken, a fantasy novel with an interesting colonial setting, somewhat reminiscent of North Africa under French rule. I was at first very intrigued by the cover, that you see below, and so I took advantage of the preorder Amazon service, and basically I forgot about the book until it popped up in my reader.
Nice and smooth.

I am pleased to report that the book, a tale of rediscovery of one’s roots and of revolution, is as good as the cover, and as it is the first in a series, I will for once contradict my previous posts, and go on with a trilogy.
Mind you, I still love novellas and stand-alones, but there are exceptions, and The Unbroken is certainly one of those.

It is always a pleasure to have my conviction confirmed, that we are living in a time of high-quality publishing when it comes to imaginative fiction.
To lower the bar somehow, I will have to write more stories…