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Two games for 50th birthday

Like most history and gaming buffs, I have been a long-time fan of Osprey Books, and was quite surprised – and delighted – when they started publishing games too a few years back.
My friend Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games is one of their authors, which is to me a sort of quality guarantee – if they work with Andrea they are my kind of gaming company.

And right now I’ve found out that this year, barring disasters, I’ll be splurging on a few titles from Osprey Games, because they have quite obviously been designed specifically for me… and one will be out in time for my birthday.

And now it’s true, I don’t honestly know where I’ll be on my next birthday, because there’s still ten weeks to go, and if I’ll be able to afford to buy me games, or if I’ll be living in a shelter for the poor, but what the hell, as Blondie used to sing, Dreaming is free.

And just look at these beauties… Continue reading