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Nuts & Bolts, or how I wrote a book without really trying

I was checking my archives today, and realized that in the last six months I have put together about 22.000 words of ramblings, ideas and what-not about writing and making a living of it (or at least trying), in the form of 1000-words post I do periodically for my Patrons and that go under the title of Nuts & Bolts.

The series started in February, and this being September, it looks like a good idea to collect all those pieces under a cover, add another few thousand words of extra stuffing and secret sauce, and then see what happens should I release it as, say Nuts & Bolts, Season 1.
Both in ebook and paperback, and free for my supporters .
The fun thing is, I’ll be able to release the book simultaneously in Italian and English, because my patrons get the articles both in English and Italian.
And then I’ll keep going and start Season 2 on Patreon – after all, my Patrons seem to like it.

But watch this space, because there’s more things happening on my Patreon page, and I’ll post the news here.