East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


Even the best laid plans…

… of mice and men, are nothing when faced with the Italian post service and, more generally, with the wilds of Astigianistan.
So, the plan was to start in February and learn a new skill – following the suggestions of my followers and an accurate research, I decided to try my hand at knitting. Simple, cheap, relaxing, and at the end you have a pair of socks, or a scarf, or something to show.
Nice and smooth.
Or so it seemed.

First – the local (8 kms away) haberdashery shop is closed due to COVID. If I want to buy needles and yarn, I have to go somewhere else, which at the current state of affairs is not possible because… COVID. There’s no way I’ll take a bus (should it stop here, which is not a given) and then a train, to go somewhere looking for a shop where I can buy some wool yarn and a pair of knitting needles.

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