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Egyptian Mathematics

220px-Open_University_coat_of_armsI am taking a short course on Egyptian Mathematics.
No, really.
It’s part of the Mathematics curriculum at The Open University, and it is available for free as an ebook through Amazon.
Indeed, you should check out The Open University on Amazon – there’s hundreds of course ebooks for free, covering all sorts of subjects, from sciences to law to humanities, to business. Absolutely great.

Of course (ah!) the main reason I’m reading this book on Egyptian Mathematics is as a form of research for my stories – there might be some ideas I can recycle in AMARNA, and both the Aculeo & Amunet stories and the tales of the Contubernium might use some of the stuff in here. For the same reasons, I have also the companion course on Babylonian Mathematics here on my reader. Continue reading


A momentary illusion

As some of my readers may know, I’m looking for a new job – my collaboration with the University of Urbino having expired in February, money is running out.

Today I chanced upon a list of open positions at NASA – somebody posted the link on Facebook as a joke, and I checked it out anyway.
I mean, I’m in working hell, I look at every possible position.
And being a scientist, NASA sounds like a reasonable prospect employer.


And there, on top of the list, there’s my job.
An Earth Sciences specialist, with a sideline in Mathematics and Statistics, experience in Remote Sensing.
That’s me.
There’s even a $82,642.00 to $126,949.00 / Per Year pay bracket.
And the position is still open!
Where’s my CV, now…
Ooops… There’s one drawback – “This announcement is open to all qualified U.S. citizens.”

Oh, heck – back to square one.
Back in my happy country in which a PhD in Earth Sciences can always hope for a part-time job as a test crammer for high-schoolers – but not during summer.

And you know what’s the worst part in all this?
The jokes.
The people with a job laughing at the idea of submitting a CV to NASA, or to any other big time operation, anything that’ s not “mundane”.
The ones that do not have to worry about this months bills, thinking your efforts, and hopes, and slowly increasing desperation are quite a lot of fun.