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Tits&Sand: Marrakesh, for free

51vsfdkdsl-_sy346_… And talking about Arabian Nights and Tits&Sand, I just found out that Graham Diamond’s Marrakesh is available for free on Amazon.
I don’t know how long the offer will last, so hurry!

What’s it about?
It’s about a guy that falls in love with the last descendent of the Forty Thieves, those from Ali Baba and all that. And they set out on a treasure hunt. And there’s a bad guy…
Damn! What else do you need?

Here’s the link.

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Graham_Diamond_Samarkand_new_editionI was quite happy to discover that recently launched British publisher Venture Press is going to reissue, in ebook format, a fair chunk of Graham Diamond‘s catalog.

Born in Manchester in 1949, Diamond started in fantasy and science fiction, to move later to many other genres.
But I am really interested in his earlier works.
I mentioned his quite entertaining Captain Sinbad when I read it last year.
And now, thanks to the Venture reprints, I’m having lots of fun with another of the earlier works of Graham Diamond – Samarkand.
Could I resist a book with such a title?

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The true story of Sinbad the Sailor (sort of)

captain-sinbad-graham-diamond-paperback-cover-artI’m a sucker for a good novel with an Arabian Nights twist.
So I’m currently reading Graham Diamond‘s Captain Sinbad, a smart, highly entertaining historical fantasy adventure which supposedly tells us the “true story” of the Arabian Nights character and his travels around the Mediterranean, Medieval Europe and the Near East.

Now, I’ve always loved Sinbad – first discovered in old Technicolor adventure movies (Douglas Fairbanks!), the Fleischer Popeye cartoon (wonderful!) then through repeated readings of the Arabian Nights*, and Tim Severin‘s The Sindbad Voyage.

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