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Better Never Told, day 5

Day five came and went and I finally cashed in my extra words.
A number of practical issues came up today, and in the end I started writing at 8 pm and finished at 2 am, including a number of pauses.

Then the story got lost.
It was not supposed to happen, as I had my set pieces in order in my mind and only to put on the page, but it did not work out.
I stumbled into a single glaring logical hole at the core of my structure, and as a result, I had to backtrack and try to set things straight.

Now backtracking is never a good idea – the standard practice should be to go on writing, and just make a note, directly in the text, about the changes that will be needed in the previous chapters, to be made during revision.
That’s what I should have done, but I was foolish and I backtracked. A character shifted from thirty years of age to fifty, and more infodumps were sneaked into the structure.Fire-Rescue-Equipment-Sign-NHE-6885_300
End result: 6300 words written in almost six hours, and then I really could not take it anymore, and I cashed in my 700 words bonus,
The total word count now is 25.004. No more bonuses, no more extras.
Tomorrow I will need to write 8000 words, and 9000 on Sunday.
And then it will be done.
Wish me luck.