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Barbara Shelley (1932-2021) & Tanya Roberts (1955-2021)


The new year has decided to go off with a bang, and it took away two beloved actresses in a matter of a few hours.

British actress Barbara Shelley was probably the classiest of the Hammer ladies – she appeared in Dracula, Prince of Darkness, in The Gorgon, and in Rasputin the Mad Monk. Her presence was so iconic, that many believe to this day that one of her earlier films, Blood of the Vampire, was a Hammer, while it wasn’t.

She was also a star in The Village of the Damned and in the classic Quatermass and the Pit. She also did an awful lot of television, including shows like The Avengers.

Tanya Roberts was an American actress very popular with my age group in the 80s, when she was in Charlie’s Angels before becoming a Bond Girl in A View to a Kill, and a Playmate; she later starred as the Queen of the Jungle herself in Sheena. She also appeared in the fantasy B-movie classic Beastmaster.

Roberts was only 65 at the time of her passing.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

6 thoughts on “Barbara Shelley (1932-2021) & Tanya Roberts (1955-2021)

  1. Barbara Shelley – Graceful and charming, donned with a wholesome femininity of a warmth akin to an open fire in the hushed dead of night; a silk veil of sweet melancholy and repressed woes clouding her eyes, but holding her own in the Daedalean entanglements sired from drama and horror…
    She looks simply perfect in this picture:

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  2. Graceful and charming, blessed with a wholesome femininity of a warm lively glow akin to fire in the hearth in the hushed dead of night; a silk veil of poignant melancholy and repressed plaintive woes clouding her eyes, but holding her own in the Daedalean entanglements sired from the twilight mires of life. There’s often a twinkle in the eyes, but somehow permeated with a dolour which beckons her to gaze into the distance and the vague outlines of what hides beyond nothingness and the implausible beyond…

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  3. In the immortal words of the Monty Python Players, Tanya Roberts is “Not quite dead yet”


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    • I just heard the news – and what can I say, good for her!
      2021 starts with a resurrection, and the resurrection of Sheena Queen of the Jungle is all right with me 😀


  4. La notizia della Morte do Tanya Roberts è stata fortunatamente smentita. Per il momento è solo ricoverata come conseguenza di un malore.

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  5. She’s lucky it’s not the Middle Ages LOL!!!


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