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Eight Video-Blogs


vlogsIn the last year I started following regularly a certain number of video-blogs on Youtube – and I’ll keep following them in 2016.

So I thought I’ll share my faves – considering that they might interest you out there, as some of the topics are the same covered – or marginally touched-upon – in Karavansara.

I’ll spare you the technical and professional vlogs and the obvious (TED Talks, Harlan Ellison etc., and more in general, instructional vlogs.)
So here they are, in no particular order…


Selezione_002Probably the first vlogger I started following regularly – Lloyd is a great source of information on matters historical, on gaming, on weapons and on assorted matters. And dancing! And he’s quite fun, too!
I discovered Lindybeige while looking for details about ancient weapons (and the gladius and kopesh in particular), and decided it was my kind of channel. I like the style, the tone, the down-to-earth, common-sense approach to the topics, and the marvelous culture of the host.

The Silver Spleen

Selezione_003Movie reviews, direct from Hong Kong, and focused on Chinese and Asian cinema.
The reviews are sharp, honest, very opinionated and extremely funny – these are movie reviews the way they should be made. As an extra bonus, the reviews often feature location shots and other extras.
This is one of my latest finds, and my first stop when I am looking for new Asian movies to add to my collection.


Selezione_004Another video-blog I discovered while looking for details and information about swords and sword fighting, and another one I started to follow for the clarity, the enthusiasm, the no-nonsense attitude and the sheer fun that Matt Easton puts in the videos. If cutting weapons and HEMA are your thing, this should probably be your first stop.
A great resource for writers.


Selezione_010My latest discovery – I started following Kalanadi in early December 2015.
A video blog about books – and imaginative fiction in particular. Once again, the enthusiasm and the depth of Rachel’s views on books are infectious. I sometimes do not agree 100% with her opinions (poor, poor P.J. Farmer…), but that’s part of the game. I love the insights on the books I already know, and this channel helped me discover a few interesting titles. And made me reconcile myself with Neal Stephenson.

Fresh & Untitled

Selezione_006A video blog about writing and the writing life, “Hosted by two struggling authors and Firefly fanatics” – Suzanne Robb & Emma Ennis.
Lots of ideas, information, ramblings and laughter – really like sitting in a comfy chair chatting with two very smart and enthusiastic friends.
This is a very recent vlog and it’s growing up nicely. Absolutely wonderful.


Selezione_007Yes, weapons again – ancient, modern and fantasy – plus opinions on all matter of topics. Clear, opinionated, down-to-earth and once again, yes, fun. The range of topics is a lot wider than one could imagine by thinking “HEMA” or “collecting weapons”. Yet another vlog I found out while doing research.

Pulp Crazy

Selezione_008Just what it says on the tin: a vlog about the pulps – the authors, the stories, the magazines, the fandom, the conventions.
Host Jason Aiken provides great coverage of both popular and pretty unusual topics.
Highly informative – a serious look at old-time entertainment fiction.

Postmodern Jukebox

Selezione_009This one is so popular that I don’t need to explain anything about it… but I’ll do it all the same: a music channel that offers Scott Bradlee’s wonderful rearrangements and “covers” of popular tunes “in the style of…”
Great artists, and quite surprising videos.

And you?
Have you any favorite vlogger you’d like to recommend to me and our fellow Karavansers?

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

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  1. I’m late to find this, but wanted to say THANK YOU for the mention!

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