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Getting ready for 2022 (if possible)

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So, it’s the end of the year.
Today we celebrate St David, so I’ll have a bit of a celebration, here alone in the fog-shrouded countryside, and then I’ll take a while off.

I will take this time to r4echarge my batteries before I dive into my writing work again in January, and I will also put the finishing touches on my silly projects (aka “good propositions”) for 2022.

As anticipated, I will do a 52 books challenge – I’ll read one book a week, review it on my Patreon, and then post a version of the review here and on my Italian blog (or thereabouts – my Italian blog still being banned from Facebook due to my notorious hatemongering).

My Patrons already have a list of the 52 books and know the rules of the game.
Interestingly, right now a thing is making the rounds on Twitter, about getting twelve books recommendations from your contacts, to read them during 2022.
Knowing it, I could have incorporated the thing in my challenge – but this way is better, as I won’t have to buy any new book: my 52 titles all come from my TBR list, and I have them all here already (except one that I’ve pre-ordered).

And the buying thing is critical because another thing I’ll like to do will be try and cut all superfluous spending in 2022 – make it a No Buy Year, to use a popular label.
Considering I am already pretty frugal, this means basically not buying any book for one year.
Which is going to be hard – I have been buying books compulsively since 1978.

The No Buy Year thing is something that struck my fancy, and I like the idea of flipping the bird to the idea that we are defined by how much we buy.
Let’s see what happens.
I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, I got me a copy of a fun book called Unfuck Your Year, by dr Faith G. Harper – one other book of hers is on my 52 Books list; the book tag line reads “A Weekly Unplanner and Self-Care Activity Book to Manage Your Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Triggers, and Freak-Outs”, and it looks like something I might try. My anxiety and panic attacks have subsided since last year, but it’s always a good idea to take care of one’s mental health (what’s left of it, at least).

So there you go, my three good propositions for 2022
. read and review one book a week
. cut all unnecessary expenses
. unfuck my life, if possible

For 2021, I had decided to try and submit 100 stories to magazines and publishers.
In the end I reached 88, but on the plus side, I sold a novel and a whole roleplaying campaign, so I can’t complain.
The 100 submissions thing is on for 2022 too.
Let’s see what happens.

And this is it for the time being.
I’ll drop by to wish you all a Happy New Year.
Meanwhile, stay safe out there.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

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